Consulting: Is this new?

In brief, I’m introducing consulting packages tailored for wedding creatives, particularly venue owners, aiming to realize their enchanting visions. With over fifteen years of hands-on experience in the wedding sector, spanning diverse locations and clienteles, I bring comprehensive knowledge of the industry. I’m thrilled to extend my expertise to assist wedding professionals in achieving their goals moving forward.

Consulting services for wedding businesses provide guidance and support to professionals and companies operating within the wedding industry. Whether it’s wedding planners, photographers, florists, venues, or other related businesses, consulting services can offer valuable insights and strategies to help them grow, streamline operations, and enhance their services.

You see, I am not just a wedding planner or floral designer; I am an expert in the wedding industry. Being Type A all the way through is what makes me excel in my work. Juggling tasks with babies on my hip, years of meticulous attention to detail, creating efficient systems for clients, and a genuine passion for organization (including labels and color coding) – I am dedicated to supporting other wedding professionals. My goal is to help them overcome obstacles, find more freedom, and embrace their lives while growing their businesses. You don’t have to navigate everything alone – – trust me, I am here to assist you without empty promises!

I offer tailored consulting services to suit your needs at every stage of your business. From business planning and pricing strategies to client management and marketing tactics, I provide guidance and support to help you achieve your goals moving forward. Here are some specialized services I offer:

  1. Business Consulting for Wedding Creatives: Offer consulting services specifically geared towards wedding professionals, providing guidance on business planning, pricing strategies, client management, marketing tactics, and industry trends.
  2. Research + Competitor analysis: Research and competitor analysis are crucial steps for wedding creatives to understand their market, identify opportunities, and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  3. Canva Design and Creation – creating visuals, pdf creation (pricing guides, welcome guides, freebies, etc)
  4. Client Management Support – managing client inquiries, communications, and contracts, ensuring clear and timely correspondence to maintain positive client relationships.
  5. CRM build / clean up and management
    • workflow optimization: creation + implementation — from client onboarding to project delivery, using tools like project management software, email automation, and scheduling apps.
  6. Social Media — including setup, guidance, strategy, and additional support
    • Content Development – encompassing creation, research, and strategic planning
    • Help you leverage the power of social media to grow your wedding business, attract your ideal clients, and establish your brand as a leader in the industry.
  7. Marketing and Branding Assistance: Brand development + cohesion
    • Help wedding creatives develop and execute marketing strategies, including social media management, content creation, and branding initiatives to attract their target audience and elevate their brand presence.
  8. Administrative Support and Task Outsourcing – email management, calendar management, invoicing, sending thank you notes to clients, travel arrangements, newsletters — allowing wedding creatives to focus on their craft and client work.
  9. Networking and Community Building: Facilitate networking opportunities and online communities where wedding professionals can connect, collaborate, and share resources, fostering a supportive environment for growth and learning.

With my tailored consulting services and unwavering commitment to your success, I’m eager to be your right hand in achieving your goals in the wedding industry. Let’s embark on this journey together and turn your enchanting visions into reality.

photo credit: Megan Byrne Photography