What is a content day in the wedding industry?

What is a content day?

A content day for wedding professionals is a dedicated day or period of time set aside to create and capture content for marketing, promotion, and showcasing their work. Wedding professionals, such as photographers, videographers, florists, planners, and other vendors, often engage in content days to build their portfolios, update their social media profiles, and create promotional materials.

Are content days and style shoots the same?

Yes, the term “styled shoots” is often used interchangeably with “content days” in the wedding industry. A styled shoot is a carefully planned and curated photo or video session where wedding professionals collaborate to create a visually appealing and cohesive set of images. These shoots are designed to showcase the talents of various vendors, including photographers, florists, makeup artists, stylists, and others.

During styled shoots or content days, participants often work together to create a specific theme, mood, or aesthetic. This could involve selecting a particular color palette, designing a mock wedding setup, choosing specific attire or accessories, and paying attention to every detail that contributes to the overall look and feel. The goal is to produce high-quality content that can be used for marketing purposes, portfolio updates, and social media promotion.

Styled shoots allow wedding professionals to express their creativity, experiment with new ideas, and collaborate with others in the industry. They are not actual weddings but rather carefully orchestrated photo sessions meant to capture the beauty and craftsmanship of the professionals involved. The resulting images are often shared on websites, social media platforms, and in promotional materials to attract clients and showcase the team’s capabilities.

A styled photoshoot is a photo session (sometimes involving also videography) put together by a wedding professional that joins forces with like minded individuals to create specific new content and refresh their portfolio. A styled photo shoot obviously has a specific mood or vision.

A bit of history:

Since 2010, I’ve been producing style shoots/content days — what?! Seems like just yesterday but also makes me sound old. Haha.

I’ve participated in several different degrees of style shoots/content days. I’ve handled every single detail, I’ve provided florals, I’ve provided table scapes, I’ve helped style the models, etc — there are so many ways to let it unfold. Ultimately I love handling all the details and hand picking the right wedding professionals to involve to articulate my vision correctly. These types of events are not just thrown together – I plan, I visualize and I tell a story. I also handle the set up (I’ll do any heavy lifting along side you. I don’t hand it off to someone to do the nitty gritty) — I’m type A – I can’t help it…

Here’s how a content day may work for wedding professionals:

  1. Photographers/Videographers:
    • Capture styled photo and video shoots featuring mock weddings or specific wedding-related scenes.
    • Experiment with different lighting setups, compositions, and creative concepts.
    • Work with models, bridal parties, or real couples to showcase their skills.
    • Highlight specific aspects of their portfolio, such as candid moments, details, and portraits.
  2. Florists:
    • Create and arrange floral designs for styled shoots or sample bouquets and arrangements.
    • Showcase various color palettes, floral styles, and arrangements that align with current trends.
    • Collaborate with photographers to ensure the floral designs are captured beautifully.
  3. Wedding Planners:
    • Coordinate and style mock wedding setups to showcase their planning and design skills.
    • Collaborate with other vendors to create cohesive and visually appealing wedding scenarios.
    • Document the planning and execution process for behind-the-scenes content.
  4. Hair and Makeup Artists:
    • Demonstrate various bridal looks, hairstyles, and makeup styles.
    • Collaborate with photographers to capture the transformation process and the final looks.
    • Showcase versatility and expertise in different bridal aesthetics.
  5. Wedding Dress Designers/Boutiques:
    • Organize photoshoots featuring their latest wedding dress collections.
    • Capture details of the dresses, including fabric, design elements, and overall aesthetics.
    • Highlight the dresses in different settings and scenarios to appeal to a diverse clientele.
  6. Stationery Designers:
    • Create styled shoots featuring wedding invitations, stationery, and paper goods.
    • Collaborate with photographers to showcase the intricate details and designs.
    • Provide inspiration for different wedding themes and styles.

Here are some behind the scenes of my Glass Cabin shoot provided by Nicole Weeks Photography.